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A basic bibliography about the subject ‘SOE activities in Greece’, containing books that are common both in English and Greek literature

What’s in this list:
I’ve tried once to make a list of all the books about SOE activities in Greece written by British. Well, this was a difficult task for me, since my access to UK published books was limited.
On the other hand, making a similar list with the Greek books on this subject was very easy for me, since I am studying the Greek literature about the German Occupation, the Greek National Resistance and the following Civil War for over 25 years.

I cross-checked these two lists in order to find out which books were common.
And here’s the result.

All books written by British and then translated into Greek,
and all books written by Greeks and then translated into English.
Not all books are 100% SOE related, but all of the them contain critical material and lots of references on SOE, agents and BLO activities.

As you can see, there are more titles at the end of the list about Crete and/or the Battle of Crete (May 1941), and there is also Tim Todd’s collection, as a special feature.

I call this list ‘a basic bibliography’ because I know very well that there will never be ‘a *complete* list‘ on any subject; there are always titles (or papers or articles) missing.
But I think a good 90something per cent was achieved.

Not sure if that was actually a real SOE patch, or even if there was one at all, but there's not anything else.

Not sure if that was actually a real SOE patch, or even if there was one at all, but there’s not anything else.


A basic bibliography on subject ‘SOE activities in Greece’, containing books that are common both in English and Greek literature

Harling Mission 1942 (The Gorgopotamos Operation)
Themi Marinos (English Version),
Translation in English by Petros Ladas, Chris M Woodhouse (foreword), Eddie C W Myers (Introduction),
Publisher Papazisis Publications (Undated ~1993), 165 pp, ISBN 9789600210194 <————–


Greek Entanglement
Eddie C W Myers,
Publisher Rupert Hart-Davis, London, 1955 + Publisher Alan Sutton, Gloucester, 1985, 320 pp, ISBN 9780862992125 <————–

Apple of discord. A survey of recent Greek politics in their international setting
Chris M Woodhouse,
Publisher Hutchinson, London, 1948, ISBN 9780961524302 + Reston, VA, W. B. O’Neill, 1985, USA edition limited to 500 copies, 1985 <————–

Something Ventured (The Autobiography)
Chris M Woodhouse,
Publisher Granada Publishing Limited, UK, 1982, 208 pp, ISBN 9780246110619

The Struggle for Greece 1941-1949 + The Struggle for Greece, 1941-1949, New Edition (Updated Edition)
Chris M Woodhouse + Richard Clogg
Publisher Hart-Davis/MacGibbon, London, 1976 + Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2003, 352 pp, ISBN 9781566634830 + Ivan R Dee, Inc, United States, 2003, 352 pp, ISBN 9781566634830 <————–

British reports on Greece, 1943-1944 A collection of reports from British liaison officers operating in Greece 1943-44 (Documents on modern Greek history)
Chris Montague Woodhouse & Col Sir John Melior Stevens & David John Wallace, edited by Lars Baerentzen
Publisher Museum Tusculanum, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1982, 215 pp, ISBN 9788788073201

We Fell Among Greeks
Denys Hamson,
Publisher Jonathan Cape, 1946 <————–

Venture into Greece with the guerillas (1943-44)
Nicholas Hammond,
Publisher William Kimber, London, 1983, 192 pp, ISBN 9780718302993 <————–

The Allied Military Mission and the Resistance in West Macedonia
Nicholas Hammond,
Publisher Institute for Balkan Studies ΙΜΧΑ, Thessaloniki, 1993 <————–

Kiriakos. A British Partisan in Wartime Greece.
Don Turner,
Publisher R. Hale, London, 1982, 191 pp, ISBN 9780709198772 <————–

Dare to be Free (Series Cassell Military Paperbacks)
W B ‘Sandy’ Thomas,
Publisher Cassell, 2005, 256 pp, ISBN 9780304366392 + Phoenix, 2005, 256 pp, ISBN 9780304366392 + Orion Publishing Group, 2005, 256 pp, ISBN 9780304366392

A Greek Experience 1943-1948
Nigel Clive (Author), Sir William Deakin (foreword),
Publisher: Michael Russell Publishing Ltd, 1985, 188 pp, ISBN 9780859551199 <————–

The Divided Land, An Anglo-Greek tragedy
Geoffrey Chandler,
Publisher: Michael Russell Publishing 1994; Rev Ed edition (24 Nov 1994), 252 pp, ISBN 9780859552158 <————–

Conquest without Victory, A New Zealander in the Greek and French Resistance
Subtitle on cover: The memoirs of Major Bill Jordan.
William Bill Jordan
First published: London : Hodder & Stoughton, 1969.
Publisher Little Hills Press, Australia, 1989, 292 pp, 1 map, ISBN 9780949773982

The truth about Greece, EAM
William Bill Jordan
Araluen Publishing Company 376 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia, 1946.pp. 32 <————–

By Fire and Axe: The Communist Party and the Civil War in Greece, 1944-1949
Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza,
Publisher Caratzas Bros., 1978, 438 pp, ISBN 9780892410781 <————–

Greece: From Resistance to Civil War
Marion Sarafis (Editor)
Publisher: Spokesman Books 1980, 144 pp, ISBN 9780851242903 <————–

Studies in the History of the Greek Civil War 1945-1949, Proceedings of International Conference ‘The Greek Civil War’, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1984
Lars Baerentzen, John Iatrides, Ole L. Smith (editors)
Publisher Museum Tusculanum, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1987, ISBN 9788772890043 <————–

British policy towards wartime resistance in Yugoslavia and Greece
Phyllis Auty and Richard Clogg (editors),
Publisher Macmillan, in association with the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London, London, 1975, 318 pp, ISBN 9780333166345

ELAS Greek Resistance Army
Stefanos Sarafis,
Publisher Merlin Press. 1980, 800 pp, ISBN 9780850362442 + Humanities Press, Atlantic Highlands, N.J. 1981, 588+16 pp, ISBN 9780391025059<————–

The Kapetanios Partisans and Civil War in Greece, 1943-1949
Dominique Eudes,
New Left Book, London, 1972, Translated by John Howe, 400 pp, ISBN 978-0902308824 + Librairie Artheme Fayard, 1972, ISBN 9780902308466 + Monthly Review Press, NY, 1973, Translated by John Howe, 400 pp, ISBN 9780853453482 + Monthly Review Press, USA, 2010, 400 pp. ISBN 9780853452751 <————–

Guerrilla warfare and espionage in Greece, 1940-1944
Andre Gerolymatos,
Publisher Pella, New York, USA, 1992, ISBN 9780918618504

Inside Hitler’s Greece: The Experience of Occupation 1941-44
Mark Mazower,
Publisher Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 1993. ISBN 0-300-05804-7 <————–

Greece Since 1945 Politics, economy, and society (Series Postwar World)
David Close
Publisher Longman, London, 2002, ISBN 9780582356689 <————–

The Greek Civil War 1943-1950 Studies of Polarization
David Close (editor),
Routledge, London, 1993, 256 pp, ISBN 9780415021128 <————–

The origins of the Greek Civil War
David Close,
Longman, London, 1995, ISBN 978-0-582-06471-3 <————–

Greece in the 1940s: A Nation in Crisis (Modern Greek Studies Association series) 1st Edition
John Iatrides (editor),
1st Edition, Hanover and London, University Press of New England, 1981, Hardcover, 450 pp, ISBN 9780874511987 <————–

Greece and the British Connection, 1935-41
Koliopoulos, John S.
Oxford University Press, 1978, ISBN 9780198225232 <————–

Plundered Loyalties: Axis Occupation and Civil Strife in Greek West Macedonia, 1941-49 (UK) + Plundered Loyalties: World War II and Civil War in Greek West Macedonia (USA)
John S. (Giannis) Koliopoulos,
Hurst & Co, London, 1999, 315 pp, ISBN 9781850653813 (UK) + Foreword C.M. Woodhouse, New York University Press, 1999, 288pp, ISBN 9780814747308 (USA) <————–

Revolt in Athens The Greek Communist ‘Second Round’ 1944-1945
John Iatrides,
Princeton University Press,, Princeton, NJ, 1972, ISBN 9780691052038 <————–

Greece 1940-1949: Occupation, Resistance, Civil War: A Documentary History
Richard Clogg (editor),
Basingstoke, 2002 ISBN 9780333523698

The Greek Dilemma: War and Aftermath
William Hardy McNeill,
London, Left Book Club Victor Gollancz, 1947, 240pp + Nabu Press, United States, 2011, ISBN 9781175954855

British Intervention in Greece: From Varkiza to Civil War February 1945 to August 1946
Heinz Richter,
Translated by M Sarafis, London, Merlin Press, 1986, 573pp, ISBN 9780850363012 <————–

Macedonia, its place in Balkan power politics
Elisabeth Barker,
Royal Institute of International Affairs, London, New York 1950 + Westport, Conn. Greenwood Press, 1980, pages 127, ISBN 9780313225871 <————–

The British Labour Government and the Greek Civil War, 1945-1949
Thanasis Sfikas
Ryburn Publishing, Keele 1994, 308pp, ISBN 9781853310485<————–

American Intervention in Greece, 1943-1949, A Study in Counterrevolution (Columbia Contemporary American History Series)
Lawrence Wittner
Columbia Univ Pr, New York, 1982, ISBN 9780231041966 <————–

Photo album of the Greek resistance
Kouvaras, Kostas
Wire Press, 1978, pp 138, ISBN 9780918034021

OSS, with the Central Committee of EAM: The American Secret Mission Perikles in Occupied Greece
Kouvaras, Kostas
Exantas Publishers, Athens, 1976, pp. 244 <————–

The Filibusters The Story of the Special Boat Service which operated in the Mediterranean during the Second World WarThe Story of the Special Boat Service
John Lodwick
Methuen & Co Ltd, 1947, pp 188
The Story of the Special Boat Service which operated in the Mediterranean during the Second World War.

Sons of Odysseus: SOE Heroes in Greece
Alan Ogden
Bene Factum Publishing Ltd, United Kingdom, 2012, 348 pp, Hardcover, ISBN 9781903071441

Greece and the War in the Balkans (1940-41), Proceedings of International Conference ‘Greece and the war in the Balkans (1940-1941)’, Thessaloniki, 29/10/1990 – 1/11/1990,
Publisher Institute for Balkan Studies ΙΜΧΑ, (1992)

Χρονολόγιο γεγονότων 1940-1944. Από τα έγγραφα του Βρετανικού Υπουργείου των Εξωτερικών, Foreign Office 371, Τόμος Α’, 1940-1943
Μαρία Σπηλιωτοπούλου, Προκόπης Παπαστράτης (επιμ.),
σ. 560
ISBN set: 960-404-009-Χ, ISBN τόμος Α’: 960-404-010-3

Χρονολόγιο γεγονότων 1940-1944. Από τα έγγραφα του Βρετανικού Υπουργείου των Εξωτερικών, Foreign Office 371, Τόμος Β’, 1944
Μαρία Σπηλιωτοπούλου, Προκόπης Παπαστράτης (επιμ.)
σ. 857
ISBN set: 960-404-009-X, ISBN τόμος Β’: 960-404-051-0

Bearing Gifts to Greeks, Humanitarian Aid to Greece in the 1940s,
Richard Clogg (edited by)
St Antony’s Series, Palgrave Macmillan, January 2008, 288 pages + Photographs, ISBN: 978-0-230-50035-8
List of Illustrations
Notes on Contributors
Introduction: ‘Bearing Gifts to Greeks’ – R.Clogg
Famine in Occupied Greece: Causes and Consequences – V.Hionidou
The Politics of Famine Relief for Occupied Greece – G.Kazamias
The Greek-American Community and Famine in Axis-Occupied Greece – A.Kyrou
The Turkish Contribution to Famine Relief in Greece during the Second World War – E.Macar
Inter Arma Caritas: the Swedish Red Cross in Greece in the 1940s – M.Mauzy
‘Ce que j’ai vu dan la Grece d’aujourd’hui’: Alexandros Zannas and The Greek Red Cross – A.Zannas
Ethniki Allilengyi (National Solidarity): Resistance and Welfare – R.Katsiaounis
The Orthodox Church and Social Welfare in Greece in the 1940s – V.Makrides
Quakers and Greeks in the 1940s – M.J.Clogg
The United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration’s Relief Efforts in Post-war Greece: Political Impartiality versus Military Exigencies – F.Tsilaga
The Yugoslav Red Cross and the Greek Civil War – M.Ristovic