Dimitri Deliolanes – Strage di Srebrenica, c’era Alba Dorata (άρθρο στα ιταλικά του Δημήτρη Δεληολάνη στην ιταλική εφημερίδα Il Manifesto 2015-06-25)

Inchiesta. I fascisti greci erano presenti durante il grande massacro di civili e di prigionieri disarmati. Alcuni hanno partecipato rastrellamenti e imboscate attorno alla citta espugnata, uccidendo sul posto chiunque cercasse di salvarsi con la fuga.
Strage di Srebrenica, c’era Alba Dorata

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# Stratis Bournazos – The Srebrenica massacre and the role of Greek volunteers: A revealing survey by XYZ Contagion (translation of an article first published in the Greek newspaper Avgi, 2015-06-14)

# Greek Volunteers and Golden Dawn members during operations in the Srebrenica massacre, July 1995

Two video scenes taken from unpublished, forgotten footage filmed by well-known international news agencies, like Associated Press, during the operations of the Bosnian Serb troops and paramilitaries in July of 1995 in Srebrenica. These reports were aired in July 1995 on TV stations all over the world and especially on Dutch national television.

From an XYZ Contagion study, based on 20 years of research, entitled:
‘The Srebrenica massacre, the Greek Volunteer Guard (EEF) and the involvement of Golden Dawn,’ which contains exclusive new evidence presented for the first time in Greece and internationally.

This study contains evidence that proves that Golden Dawn members and functionaries and other Greeks fascists of the so-called Greek Volunteer Guard (EEF) were actually there. Not simply ‘somewhere near Srebrenica’, but they were at the exact locations, at the football fields and meadows and abandoned warehouses, while the mass executions of 8,000+ POWs and unarmed civilians took place, at the exact time of the killings.